Tired, cranky, slower than you used to be?

Could these really be signs of menopause?

The truth is you probably look a lot younger than your ovaries.

Technically, menopause is just ONE day in our lives when we haven’t had a period for 12 months. But many of the most bothersome symptoms, from no sleep, no sex, or painful sex and weight gain, to feeling hot or sweating and brain fog can start well before our periods stop altogether.  This hormonal roller coaster ride is known as perimenopause, which lasts from 1-10+  years and usually starts in our 40’s, but can begin as early as in our 30’s, or start abruptly if we’ve had surgery and our ovaries were removed.

Looking for insight into some of

the issues you are facing in midlife?

Many of the changes we women deal with at midlife start off fairly mild and are just a few minor irritants. Then, over time, they kind of sneak up on you, one after another until seemingly overnight, there’s a whole cluster of overwhelming issues turning our lives upside down. Then we hear, “Try this, try that, Hormones are bad, hormones are good, put this special cream in your vagina, just do some deep breathing and you’ll be fine. But you’re not just fine. And you still crave relief and to feel like yourself again. Where do you start? That’s what my video eGuides are about. I want to help shine a light on the biology of what your body is experiencing/going through, even though you may not be ready, or able to see me.